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  • Davros
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    vor 5 Jahren
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    If you're looking for NASA then just maybe you ought to try https://www.nasa.gov/

    Not sure why you're showing images from Chang'e 3!

  • Paula
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    vor 5 Jahren

    NASA is on Mars looking for an elusive pink elephant. So far they have an ooze of water. I'm wondering when they will acknowledge, unequivocally, that there is no life on Mars - and that there never has been life there.

    China, meanwhile, is on the moon -- which is the main game as far as I can tell. The moon is significantly more favorable as a place to set up a habitat than Mars. Mainly because it is a lot closer to earth than Mars.

  • vor 5 Jahren

    Well, ..., they're every where and they're making a list a checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty or nice ... wait!, that's the NSA ... no!, I mean Santa ... wait!, mayyyybe Santa is the NSA!

    Seriously, NASA has a lot of installations and not just in Florida or Houston, There's California, Washington, Maryland, and Alabama too. So they're around.

  • Hans
    Lv 4
    vor 5 Jahren

    NASA is a space program, it's headquarters is located at Washington, D.C.

    It's not a physical object where you can ask where is it.

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  • vor 5 Jahren

    NASA is an agency, with offices, labs, and department headquarters all over the US.

  • Gary B
    Lv 7
    vor 5 Jahren

    All over the world.

    The MAIN offices are in Houston, TX.

    Their Launch facilities are in Florida AND California.

    The Development center is in Huntsville, AL

    They have facilities and tracking station ALL over the world.

  • vor 5 Jahren

    All over the country, mostly in the south due to politics and where the best launch sites are located (nearer the equator and on the eastern coast.) The companies that supply it are much more widely scattered.

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