Do you own a home security system (burglar alarm system) that uses a sim card?

I am needing to know--

1-do i just order a sim card from my cell service carrier and insert it?

2-do I have to pay a separate phone bill/ fee?

The store where I bought the system doesn’t know (they’re only a merchant) and neither does my prepaid carrier, plus another company I called.

I also wanted any info regarding these, including opinions if they are not rude. I am also interested in any personal experience.

There is no landline so I would be using the sim in order for the system to be able to dial out in case the alarm is set off.

Help, help…and help. Thanks


And in case if anyone was wondering why I would buy a system knowing very little about it (not 'chatting'), I’ve been ‘hit’ so many times that most times I seldom file a police report since there’s little, if anything they can do. Most times has been my yard (my outside AC unit being the biggest) and my storage building (a generator being the biggest), but I have had my house broken in once, and very recently, an attempt.

What I’m saying is I was-am desperate. I can’t afford a monthly fee, especially for 3 years, so, at the time, this seemed the ideal solution.

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    The SIM card is what tells your phone what number it is. So you would have to buy another phone number from your carrier, since you aren't allowed to have two SIM cards with the same phone number.

    You need to call the company who's name is on the security system. They also probably have a web site that can give you a lot more information. Also, whoever installs the system will have to know the answers to these.

    I'm surprised you'd buy a security system without knowing the answer to these questions first.

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    Most of the stand-alone type security systems that are like appliances and you just plug into the wall are junk and are not worth buying. You can buy the same equipment that professional alarm installers use from a variety of on-line stores, but a certain amount of skill is required to install it. If you have experience in doing your own electrical work around the house, then you can probably install your own alarm system. By doing this, you might save 30% or 40% over what it would cost to have a system professionally installed. However, if you don't have any experience with electrical work, you would probably be better off hiring a professional.

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    In general terms;

    1. Yes - although there "may" be some compatability issues involving specific frequency bands used. Hard to say without more information about the system.

    2. Yes - each SIM card essentially represents a wireless device and so you are paying for a phone number and plan.

    Good luck with your problems, it sounds pretty far from optimal.

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    Never tried this,but SD card

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