GSM Home Security Systems--What do you know about them?

Ok. So I bought one of those GSM security systems. For those who may just be tuning in for info themselves, these are those unmonitored burglar alarm systems that, in case of a breach, will dial several numbers that you would have programmed into the system. The GSMs take a sim card.

What I need to know is, how does this work?--

1--Is there such a thing as an ‘unlocked’ sim and I can use any, or would I have to already have a carrier, and get a sim from them?

2--Will it automatically work on insertion?

3--Will I have to pay a separate phone bill?????

I didn’t think of these things until now that I am installing. I had assumed (& yes. I know what assumed means :) that

#1—yes as far as getting a sim from my carrier. That is only logical.

#2—yes. Because the phone companies can’t do anything with security systems, and

#3—there would be no separate bill because if you’ve got to pay another phone bill, where is the savings all these systems claim???

*And YES, I’ve called my carrier --and another-- being I will switch to the one that can guarantee me what I want, but they haven’t a clue.

*And the seller of the system is just that, a seller of various merchandise and can only tell me what they read on the box.

I've also searched old answers here to no avail.

What I am hoping for is answers from personal users/installers.

And what I’m -really- hoping for is no trolls. (:

But if you’ve got anything constructive beyond--set it up, spend money on a sim and hope it works…and for free, I’ve already arrived at that conclusion a while back. :)

But I will still 'listen'.

Help please. And thanks.



That is the other reason I bought this system on ‘assume’. I won’t go into details, but I believe I have become a target of a thief or thieves. I can’t afford a monthly fee for the next 3 years, and, at the time, this seemed to be the solution.

Still may be.

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    It sounds like you bought a wireless alarm system that calls out to programmed numbers when an alarm is activated. It should use a typical cellular "SIM" card, but it's hard to tell without more make/model information.

    I would generally expect the accompanying documentation would explain this, but if it did you wouldn't be posting here.

    I would recommend some experimentation as the simplest recourse. Take the SIM card from your cell phone and plug it into the system and trigger an alarm. If it makes the calls as expected then you need only obtain an additional sim card from your wireless provider (yes this will essentially give your alarm system it's own phone number, and you will have to pay for the services associated with that).

    I would caution you that if you truly believe you are being targeted then there a professionally installed and monitored alarm is the best choice.

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    There is main unit called control unit. Using control unit we can arm or disarm security system. To give signals to control unit we can use keypad access or remote access. All sensors are connected to this control unit. Whenever any activity triggers these sensors, sensors send signal to control unit. Depending upon signals further processing like siren, sending message, doing call is done.

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