Blog traffic fallen from 5000 visitors to 400 visitor per a day, please tell me what is the reason?

Hi,I am Anil from India. This message is ask to you that my blog visitors got suddenly fallen from 5000 to 400 per day. could you please tell me how to overcome with that.

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  • vor 7 Jahren
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    effect by Google PANDA / PENGUIN

    PANDA: Content Duplication

    Penguin: Spammed Backlinks

    For Panda, your not getting any warning message from Google to Google Webmaster Tools

    For Penguin You can view a warning message from Google to Google Webmaster Tools like remove the spammed backlinks from your website. after remove the spammed backlinks from your website send a reconsideration request through Google Docs

    Hope you understand.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Your huge traffic volume must have been coming from a specific source, and something has changed. Without knowing more information it is hard to give specific advice but I would do the following:

    Check Google Analytics and find out which traffic source all of that traffic was coming from and work through it to track exactly how you were getting that traffic and what has changed.

    - If it was social you need to check your social media accounts and find out if you have lost followers etc.

    - If it was organic it is possible you have got a penalty, the algorithm changes or some major websites that were once linking to you have removed your link

    - If they are direct visitors it is difficult but you need to think places where people could be getting your web address from and how they have changed.

    - If they were referrals it is likely that the website that was referring you traffic has lost all of its traffic for the above 3 reasons, it has been restructured or that your link has been removed.

    Its really a complex question which cant easily be answered without having access to your data but hopefully the above will help you to start working through it yourself.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Hi Anil,

    Your website may be affected by recent updates. Try to update the blog with fresh content regularly. Even i am also got affected by these updates. So more concentrate on Content. And follow the off page techniques and Social Media. Hope my answer helps you and all the best.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Its because you are dependent on Google organic traffic and this year Google had made more than 500 updates in its search algorithm and these changes has affected lots of blogs (major updates are panda, penguin, hummingbird)

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  • vor 7 Jahren

    I think It's the issue of quality content so try to update only unique and quality content on your blog. it helps to improve your blog traffic. For more free details about content issue visit

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Update your blog with good content. Check links (both inbound and outbound)

  • vor 7 Jahren

    might be because you are not updating the blog with latest trends

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Hey dear, I think you have analysis your link structure. All inbound and outbound links.

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