what is Double click search ?

I have been asked by some person in interview that "what is Double click search?" so could you please tell me what is double click search ?

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    vor 7 Jahren
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    DoubleClick Search is a powerful solution engineered to deliver maximum ROI on your paid search marketing campaigns across the major engines. Our goal is to help advertisers and agencies maximize ROI through data-driven optimization and streamlined workflow across search and display.

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    vor 7 Jahren

    DoubleClick Search offers a reliable and scalable way to manage paid search marketing campaigns across all major search engines. Using DoubleClick Search, you can streamline the process and get high-quality data to analyze performance.

    * Manage all aspects of your search campaigns - ads, keywords, bids, reporting, and more - within a single interface.

    * Achieve maximum search marketing ROI with the flexible Bid Management tool.

    * Make better decisions with accurate reporting; DoubleClick Search has extensive data integration with all major search engines.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Basically it is a Google subsidiary provided by Google and announced in 2007 for its vendors. It is an online advertising strategy provided by Google.

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