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Sprig of Broom for Plantagenet-how to understand?

How to translate Sprig Of Broom to German ? sprig of broom as the very translation of Plantagenet -

makes no precise sense when translated to German. How can this term be interpreted in simple words? Broom has so many possible translations ( sweeping tool, fork of branches, etc. and so has sprig... or or may also be related to heraldry..? )

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    Are you deliberately being silly?

    sprig - a twig, a small piece of a plant. in German, der Zweig [ as you can see, cognate with twig]

    broom is the name of a plant, with yellow flowers in spring. In German it is der Ginster [French - le genet]


    Quelle(n): common sense, and the bushes in the corner of the garden.
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    In this context, it's the plant called "broom": (in German, "Besenginster"

    A "sprig" is a little shoot or bunch of a plant - a twig with a few leaves on it - "Zweiglein" maybe.

    Edit: The German Wikipedia article on the Plantagenets actually has a translation: "Ginsterzweig".


    Dieser geht auf die Angewohnheit des Grafen zurück, einen Ginsterzweig (lat.: planta genista; frz.: plante genêt) als Helmzier zu tragen.

    - Haus Plantagenet


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