is it possible to get a website on Top rank within 3 months with 4 keywords ?

one of my client is asking me to get their website top on search engine within 3 months on 4 keywords. is it possible to get that site top within 3 months ?

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    vor 7 Jahren
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    It's possible to get it there even faster than that. Depends what's on the site though. The best SEO is quality content people enjoy reading and sharing. No amount of SEO will compensate for crap content no one cares about.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    It's really hard to define hard or easy. Because the difficulty differs with keywords. For example, no matter how hard you work on seo, you still fail to overpass "ONLY" online store, if we take "only" as the keyword.

    Main keyword has its limit to bring traffic to your website,so you should focus on the long-tail keywords, improve their competitiveness and in the meanwhile, improve the main keywords as much as you can.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    Depends on the competitiveness of the keywords.

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