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Need Help On baby adoption?

Im married from last 4 yers and now we both want to adopt a baby , there is no real personal reason . Now please help me to get more information about this and i want want to go through a high investment for tht , so sujjest me some real place .

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    Have you tried up all medical options available ??? coz right now the fertility research has proved success rate is improving. i believe you should first finalize the same and try taking different treatments.

    in case it din work you can always think about adoption, but one thing you should be sure is how willing you are to take care of the adopted baby for the rest of your life, it is really complicated. there are lot of institutions helping out in india to adopt child, you might get in contact for further details.

    hope this link will be helpfull



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    I am Mrs Judith William,a wife of late Mr Adamu William,The CEO of Atlantic energy holdings,view (www.Atlantic we are married with two kids,Susan and Davide,and My husband Roland is an international business man, i lost my husband and my little daughter susan, during the bokoharam bomb blast on Sunday morning at st Theresa catholic church in madala Niger state Nigeria,due to the shock i collapse, i was rushed to the hospital and admitted for a weeks and four days,the doctor said i can not live more than six months because i have cancer of the heart which i have been suffering from, and the BANK have called and ask who will be next of kin of my late husbands money, which is about $6.8,000,000,00 million US dollars, as it is now Davide is not yet up to age and my late husbands only elder brother would have stand for my son Davide but he will claim the money to him self because he had a misunderstanding with my husband William till this very moment just because he got married to me a white woman into their family and also i am an orphan that their culture forbid it, uke here in Nigeria this is why i am looking for who can help to adopt my little son Davide and love him also to stand for him in collecting this money from the BANK,please help me out if you can.MY EMAIL


    Mrs Judith William.

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    Ignore all rude people on here.

    It'll be about a 10 year wait to adopt a baby. My best advice is to become foster parents, and adopt that way.

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    You are very selfish and self centred so no I'm not going to help. Adoption is about the child's needs, not your selfishness. The best parent a baby can have is his or her mother, even better if the father is involved. Adoption from foster care is the better option.

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    Well adoption rules are strtict and they check your family background throughly before letting you adobt. So if you don't have a perfect background,don't think of it.

    P.s. Your english is pathetic, God knows what you will teach the child.

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    You need a real reason or then you'll be the worst parent for that kid! Yu won't be helping one bit! Get the fuk outa here j€rk

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    email me at silenced.tears @ gmail dot com. I have a friend who is wanting to place her child with a loving family. Put adoption in subject line please

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    go for it

    its a noble causse

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