how to find company competitors?

how to find company competitors in online ? i am doing research on my companies competitors, so please suggest me what is the best way to find the companies competitors.

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    vor 7 Jahren
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    1. Type on the product/service your company is providing (i.e. whitening soap, pills etc)

    2. List all the companies you see and their websites.

    3. Visit their sites, research.


  • vor 7 Jahren

    No use of tracking record from Internet . You must be better knowing your competitor if you focus better on ur line . First make a self analyze in the field of your product . then you can have an clear picture of your competitor .

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  • vor 7 Jahren

    If you know your company's market, you could easily find your companies' competitors. For example, if your company is dealing in personalized gifts, then you should find which other websites are dealing in the same marketing.

  • vor 7 Jahren

    If you know your company's target market, by using Keywordspy tool you can identifiy your company compittitors.

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  • vor 7 Jahren

    Know their industry, Know their clients and do a search.

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