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How to solve the Black screen problem in Windows movie maker ?

Windows movie maker is showing Black screen when i create a project and play it. but i am hearing audio from it. how to get out from that problem? please help me.

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    Assuming you mean Windows Movie Maker 2.6., not Windows LIVE Movie Maker 20xx (which is junk):

    Save the Project file first, it ends with a ".MSWMM" file extension.

    Then, read the WMM Help files to learn how to burn the playable video file, which ends in ".WMV".

    TIP: If still getting the Black Screen it means that your downloaded Video clips are Copy-protected, and Windows (NOT WMM) won't let you commit a crime, by violating DRM laws.

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    The reason for this might be that your window is having any virus or it may be that some of your software file is missing.

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