what is meant by Mouse Trapping in SEO ?

what is the meaning of Mouse trapping in SEO ?

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  • vor 7 Jahren
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    Mouse trapping is technique that capture mouse events and placing adverts and popups so user interaction to generate custom events with idea to keep user busy at site.

    You should avoid this! If someone submit complain to search engines they can remove your site and all pages from indexing.

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  • vor 7 Jahren

    Mouse trapping is a process which is not generally recommended in seo. Because it is the process of controlling visitors to stay in the website constantly by introducing pop up ads which cannot be closed by the users. This technique is used by the webmaster to increase the search engine ranking.

  • Anonym
    vor 7 Jahren

    Mouse trapping is just one of the sneaky ways that sites are increasingly trying to control visitors online behaviour.It is a technique that is used by websites to maintain or keep their visitors from leaving either by pop ups or adverts on window that can't be closed.

  • Venu
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    vor 7 Jahren

    Most of the pornographic websites using it, Such websites display a lot of pop-up ads it's surely decrease SEO rank and possible to ban the website. It's not good idea.

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    vor 6 Jahren

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  • Marie
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    vor 5 Jahren

    It's a cautionary statement. Free cheddar does not always mean a trap, but a trap always has free cheddar. So if you find cheddar for free, look for the trap.

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