What is the concept of presenting 'Chadar' at Dargahs?

What is a 'Dargah' and its importance? What are the preliminaries to be followed before presenting 'Chadar', i.e. length & breadth and characteristics of it. What are the vows taken by the devotees? Is 'chadar' given by men only?

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    A Dargah is a shrine built over the grave of a muslim saint. Both muslims and non muslims can enter a Dargah. Please note that Dargah and mosque are different. Mosque is a place where muslims go, perform namaz and come back but in a Dargah apart from performing Namaz people also come to take blessings of that muslim saint whose grave is there in the Dargah. The Chadar is put on the grave of the saint. Its a tradition just like how people offer flowers and incense during Puja and yes the Chadar is given only by men.

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