Why are there so many gullible people who believe astrology is real?

It's a HOAX, people. It's not science. You're being very ignorant.

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  • exs
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    vor 8 Jahren
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    Why are there so many gullible people who believe god is real

  • vor 8 Jahren

    Astrology's just as delusional as believing God exists, and the only reason people think it's more crazy is because less people believe it.

    But if the Roman and British empires forced people to believe that along with normal Christianity when they were out conquering then most people would believe it.

  • neil s
    Lv 7
    vor 8 Jahren

    Astrology exists, so it is "real." It is a different question whether it actually allows people to tell someone their future.

  • Archer
    Lv 7
    vor 8 Jahren

    Ignorance is not understanding that human behaviour as well as that of animals has always been influence by the stars.

    Think about it!

    Quelle(n): Atheist.
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  • vor 8 Jahren

    You're a Virgo, aren't you?

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