Possibly pregnant...?

I'm guessing the chances here are low, and I'm going to buy a test tomorrow to be sure but...

I had protected sex one day in March, then a week later had sex with someone else (yes I know... not the best idea) but I can't remember if we used a condom the whole time or even at all.

3 weeks after this I got my period, but it was lighter and didn't last as long as normal (only 2 days rather than 4-5), and I'm now 4 days late for this month, tired, feeling a sick a lot and I'm panicking.

My menstrual cycle app on my phone reckons that I was more fertile on the 2nd night I had sex as I was ovulating a few days later.

What are the chances? Could it just be stress messing up my periods?

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    Stress definitely will mess up your period, I'd say it's probably that, take a test if it helps ease your mind

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