Should the NRA change its name?

to the NSA - National Sororicide Association?

Sororicide being the act of killing your sister.

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    vor 8 Jahren
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    No, it's bad parenting because no sane person would allow a 5 year old child to have access to a gun. Kids play with TOY GUNS, they don't know at age five that the real gun is not a toy. This is a horrible tragedy but you can't blame it on the NRA, blame the parents. Car accidents kill more than guns do by far but you don't see people trying to ban cars.

  • vor 8 Jahren

    No. The kids parents were idiots. Keep in mind there are an estimated 330,000,000 guns in the USA and we had around 11,000 gun deaths in 2010, so there is 1 death for every 30,000 guns and at the same time there was 32,885 car related deaths with an estimated 255,000,000 cars in the USA, that means there is 1 death for every 7700 cars. By liberal logic we should be regulating and banning cars and trucks as they are almost 4 times as deadly.

  • vor 8 Jahren's the NRA's fault some redneck mother let a 5 year old PLAY with a gun. Unattended. And didn't even bother to make sure it wasn't loaded. Guns are tools, not toys. Teach your 5 yr old to shoot a gun and use it safely by all means. But you don't let them play with it like it's a freakin toy train or something. Geez, how stupid are you people?

  • vor 8 Jahren

    How does it feel to dance on the grave of a child?

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  • vor 8 Jahren

    Or, Fascists United or, perhaps, the GOP.

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