Why 'Communism' and 'Das capital' has not been given a 'religious status'?

I was wondering why Karl Marx was not treated as a holy saint, The manifesto 'Das capital' as holy book?

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    Very interesting question.

    Our concept of religion is that of a philosophy that deals with human problems in life and one that also deals with afterlife. Thus, part of religion deals with this life and part deals with hypothetical afterlife. And later part rather has been grossly misused by the SALESMEN of different religions.

    If meaning of religion is to be confined just to a philosophy that deals with human problems, then Communism should be recognized as a religion and Das Capital as its scripture.

    As per the Hindu concept of DHARAYATI ITI DHARMA meaning religion is one that philosophy that is worn by people and ones that ruling their conscience, Communism is indeed a religion and perhaps more so than any other organized religion. People believing in Communism believe in tenets of Communism far more than those believing in any organized religion. However, it need to be stated that just like any organized religion, Communism has also been equally misused by their SALESMEN.

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    Because it's not religion

  • Anonym
    vor 8 Jahren

    Because unlike proponents of capitalism who adhere to capitalism like orthodox religious bigots no matter how much it fails, communists manage to improvise and develop their theory by learning from their mistakes.

  • vor 8 Jahren

    He is treated as such by die-hard communists. As for making it a religious book, Marx would turn in his grave.

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    Well, to some people it has..

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