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IS this a good idea to help pay off the USA debt?

The federal government should have a huge rummage sale.

Sell off all that old furniture in the White House. Old paintings and busts of past Presidents could net big money too.

There's probably tons of unused military equipment lying around.

They could even take some stuff to the "Hardcore Pawn" shop to sell.

Hey, how about selling corporate naming rights for all those monuments? How's does "The Geico Lincoln Memorial" sound? How about "The Trojan Washington Monument"? Heck, let's just have our Congressmembers wear their corporate sponsors on their clothing like Nascar drivers do?

And autographs! We could have each of our politicians sign thousands of documents and photos and sell those! Who wouldn't want a T-shirt signed by Joe Biden or Paul Ryan ?

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  • Bigham
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    vor 8 Jahren
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    It would be a good lesson in being humble for many politicians... Especially when they sign thousands of photos and it flops as they realize nobody wants a signed picture of a politician on their wall! Maybe dartboards with politicians as the bullseye would be a better seller?

    But more seriously: no, it wouldn't help. Most of the things you mention there would make so little money compared to our debts that it would be like flicking a penny to your bank and saying that it's a payment on your million dollar mansion. It would accomplish virtually nothing at the cost of some very important cultural artifacts.

    The only one that would raise a significant fund (still not significant on the level of our debt though) is the military hardware. But lots of military hardware is sold as surplus or passed down to law enforcement agencies or small ally basically no, there's actually not a ton of it around, we pretty much sell what we can sell and use the rest to save money helping law enforcement or allies. Not to mention the government isn't particularly interested in letting people (foreign or domestic) other than ally governments get hold of things like F-16 jets.

  • vor 8 Jahren

    You realize every man woman and child in the United States would have to pay over $50,000 to pay off the debt. We need to quit giving handouts to lazy people that think popping out kids to collect more welfare is a job. And personally i think Obama needs to get F****D.

  • Anonym
    vor 8 Jahren

    This would raise a drop in the bucket compared to the debt.

  • ?
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    vor 8 Jahren

    They could loan the money to the FED instead of just giving it to them!

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  • vor 8 Jahren

    Do you know how many zeros are in $16,000,000,000,000.00?

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