Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer - what's exactly the difference between 5022 and 5024 model?

I recently bought a vintage Wayfarer 5024 model, one of the old model which were manufactured by Bausch & Lomb back in the 80s. They seem to differ greatly from the newer Wayfarers manufactured in Italy in recent years. So it doesn't seem to make sense comparing the old with the new.

But what's the difference between the old models, 5022 and 5024? I understand that the 5024 model overall is a bit wider, but in direct comparison, do the frames and lenses vary greatly in all aspects?

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    i've just checked the first link;

    there it says in the description to the picture:

    "Classic 1980s Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses (picture shows model B&L5022, another one named B&L5024 is also available, which is 2 mm wider at the nose bridge but identical otherwise)"

    so according to this description, the only difference is the 2 mm wider nose bridge.

    i only checked this. i hope this helps.

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    Vintage Ray Ban Wayfarer

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    Vintage Rayban

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    Duuude, I love Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I'm gonna order them because my other sunglasses broke and well, spring and summer are coming up! (: SO EXCITED.

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    I have run across this outlet store and acquired one there. Not fully impressive regarding the shipment speed however did save money around 65% and very happy to get this discount. The quality is great and also until now not spot any flaws.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Love them :P I own a Black Pair and a tortoise pair of XL ones :) Iwant a turquoise pair! LOL i love your fave pair :)

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