Why do we suffer? we should expect the answers? or look for them where they are?

To expect, sing Marideth Sisco


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    In the beginning God created man in His Image. That made man a spiritual creation

    who is both changeless and slightly less of a power than God. Man does not have

    power to change creation.

    But man made up a dream that he separated from God. That's where we live on earth

    in our dream world. The only suffering we endure is to steer us away from our dream

    and cause us to reawaken to our reality. God is not part of our dream and still sees man

    as His Perfect creation. We need what mystics call enlightenment which is just

    an awakening to Reality.All the meanness and insanity we impute to the god man made up

    has nothing to do with reality. God is only Love and Perfection, all Power.

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  • vor 8 Jahren


    As respostas são como ouro de aluvião

    Temos que ser perseverante, pois só teremos algumas gramas do nobre metal após revirarmos toneladas de lama.

    Adorei o vídeo.


    Adorei também a resposta do amigo *** isis's brother***

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