How can this be considered wireless??? Help, please!!?

(I know the question' looks long, but it is pretty straightforward.)

I am speaking of wireless security camera systems--the multi-screened (divided) ones in particular.

(Are there any professional installers out there? Are anyone with a working knowledge/has set up a system before.)**

The company--at the link below-- states that this is a wireless system, that it is "Cable Free..." (As do many), but it also boasts that you don’t have to bother with cabling to the DVR like you would with other companies’ products. (That claim almost cost me a pretty penny)

Check out the video at the 3-3:30 minute mark, then again at 4:30-5 minute marks. Make sure you can read the instructions at the bottom of the video.

1--Ooo--kkkk…but watching the video, am I not having to cable ‘everything’…uhhh…to the router???

(That's what it looks like to me)

2--What point am I missing!??

----I thought wireless plug it in, turn it on, and it starts transmitting.----

(The cameras. I assume the DVR would have to be wired)

But assuming there is no escaping the cables... :/

3--Would I be able to cut into (tap off of) the cameras’ AV wiring in order to get a signal to the computer screen, and, to a separate monitor?

4--Would that get me a weak signal/scrambled signal/no signal at all if I did that?

I ask because I worked for a satellite company a few years back and if a customer tried to split the signal from a single cable, they were not happy with the results.

Anywho--this is what I want--ideally.

One WIRELESS, 8-camera system that I can monitor from my computer and phone...BUT...also from a regular monitor set up in my bedroom. (That way, if I hear something after I go to bed, all I have to do is open my eyes and look).

5--Please...How would I go about that?


@ 1st answerer--

I’ve read and reread your answer, and viewed and reviewed the video.

I’ve gotta say at no point do I see him disconnect the cameras from the ‘dvr’.

(which leaves me with the dilemma of whether or not I can ‘split’ the signal.)

You can check for yourself at around the 9 minute mark.

If he could have disconnected them, why wouldn’t he have placed the cameras at different points in the room instead of leaving them all on the table pointing in basically the same direction?

I would think it was because he was using very short cables for demo purposes and was therefore unable to move them very far.

But I really appreciate your help.

Thank you

Update 2:

i guess i should have said '@ only answerer' (:

again, thank you, and if anyone runs across this question anytime after it's closed, please feel free to email me with you input.

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  • Ryan
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    They are wireless. You would set up a network and have each camera connect.

    It looks like they give you the option of wiring them also.

    And yes you can use this system to go to your room also.

    You may need cable for that. But technically with the system you showed on eBay what you want can be done.

    I believe you would go from the DVR to your TV and for your laptop you would log into your router with the software that comes with the package. So your not splitting anything.

    And in the video, you must connect the cameras to the router with a network cable the first time to set up the IP address for each camera. Once you have you remove the cable then it is wireless.

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