What is the true meaning of the words 'Avadhutha' & 'Parivraajika'?

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    1. Avadhutha:

    The word Avadhuta refers to a mystic who has done away with worldly concerns and standard social etiquette, at least in his or her heart. Such personalities are considered to be free to 'roam the earth like a child'. An avadhuta does not identify with their body or mind. Such a person is said to be pure consciousness in human form. Avadhuts play a significant role in many Yoga, Vedanta and Bhakti traditions.

    Some are born free, and may appear in any class of society. Others wear next to nothing, and meditate a lot. And then there are others who may not be recognised for what they are, as they do not show off. They may live like ordinary people.

    The Avadhut(a) Gita is a mystical text which tells how the avadhut(a) is. he Avhadhuta Upanishad. It describes the wherabouts of a free (liberated) soul, one who is much uninterested in the dogmas of others, or habits, rituals, and surface morality too at times.

    Hence, Avadhutha means a free soul who is much not interested about others, habits, rituals, etc.,

    2. Parivraajika:

    Parivraajika means one who wanders from place to place in quest of Truth.The Paramahamsa-Parivrajakas Upanishad explains full details.

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