answer the following questions?

where is petra?

who wrote the book ''the hound of the baskevilles''/

3;portuguese navigator pedro alvares cabral became the first european to sight which country?

4who played the penguin in the block-bluster fiklm ''batman returns''?

5;after **** grayson, who was the next person to portray robin in batman comics?

6;who is the current coach of chelsea fc?

7;who directed the critically acclaimed 1984 film ''a passage to india''?

8;which president of india imposed the emergency at the request of indira gandhi?

9;the famous monologue ''what a piece of work is man'' appears in which play>?

10; for how many pieces of silver did judas iscariot betray jesus christ?

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    1. Jordan, Asia

    2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    3. Brazil

    4. Danny Devito

    6. Carlo Ancelotti

    7. David Lean

    8. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

    9. Hamlet

    10. 30

  • vor 8 Jahren

    Petra is in Jordan

    Sir Arthur Conan wrote the book ''the hound of the baskevilles''

  • Lopes
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    vor 8 Jahren

    3) Brazil.

    4) Benitez

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