answer the following questions?

1;who is the father of ''kamsa'?

2;which alphabet is not present in the periodic table?

3; for which team does Eden Hazard play for?

4;magus is te nicknam of which indian business personality?

5khartoum is the capital of which country?

6;on the banks of which river did ALEXANDER fight Porus?

7;which is the fastest fish in the world?

8;who recently became the general secretary of the communist party of china/

9who recently became the arch bishop of canterbury?

10;in which country would you find the city of warsaw?

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    1. Kamsa was the son of a Rakshasa named 'Kalnemi'.

    2. J is the only letter not present in the periodic table

    3. Club Chelsea

    4. Shiv Nadar

    5. Sudan

    6. River Hydaspes

    7. Sailfish

    8. Xi Jinping

    9. Justin Welby

    10. Poland

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