POLL: How much percent of rural migrants to cities wish to return back to their native places to settle down?

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  • Anonym
    vor 8 Jahren
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    12.1% on average..

  • vor 8 Jahren

    All most every one in their heart to settle at their own native places- 50% Really try to go-but because of their children's future they stay back in the cities itself-1 or 2 go there to settle (2%) In their old age .

  • vor 8 Jahren

    rural people enjoy as much as they can and earn while in cities. when wanted to return to the village at therir old age, by that time their children are citiy bread they would not like to move to village.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    vor 8 Jahren

    A lot do, but they also realize that they can't have "best of both worlds". (In other words, people get used to having a large supermarket nearby and thing to do at night - things one can't find in rural areas.)

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  • DKS
    Lv 6
    vor 8 Jahren

    Nil if the native place is village.

  • vor 8 Jahren

    Say 10%, may be after the retirement.

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