Is a 1970 chevy chevelle ss a good car for everyday use ?

Is itt a good reliable car for everyday use also is it a gas guzzler ?

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    Answer this question, was it a good car to drive everyday in 1970? Yes, it was, so why wouldnt it be today? A 1977 is NOTHING like a 1970, 1977 was the top of all the smog stuff, less then 150 horsepower, ugly, everything about the late 70's was bad. 1970 was the year when any model car made the most horsepower it ever would. shes wrong about being under powered and expensive to fix, parts may be more expensive then the all plastic 2012 cars, but thats because its metal, so its strong and protective! But a 1970 would be a great daily driver, it would be reliable, safe(it's all metal) and the guy who got 8 miles per gallon built his car to have as much power as possible, and i bet he raced it once a day, as long as you don't have your foot to the pedal all the time, you could probably squeeze out 18 miles per gallon. It would be an awesome daily driver, and people would probably actually tell you, "hey nice car". I know I would. I own a 1973 Camaro, and that's my daily driver, I get 15 miles per gallon with it, and it's not some 6 cylinder, it's a big V-8 making 300 horsepower.

    Quelle(n): I used to love 1968-70 chevelles, I think it's going to be my next classic car. I've got a 1970 corvette and a 1973 Camaro.
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    Chevelle ss 1970 wow In a category all by itself . Now the 2005 Mustang shelby GT 500 good now look on the change in times 1970 vs 2005 its like a time machine the chevelle ss is abought 4300 lbs and the mustang GT is about 1800 lbs additionally the chevelle ss carried a hardened case aluminum 454 horse big block . The mustang contains additionally an aluminum 540 horse small block. Do the math here . I feel although the chevelle ss is a timeless traditional the mustang shelby is just to quick and to light for the chevelle ss to keep up

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    If it was a true SS it would have a 396 and NOT be a good daily driver. Me and my stepdad built a 67 SS and it got about 8 mpg which is pretty terrible. I would never want to drive it daily.

    Heck even my 77 Silverado with a 350 gets only 11 mpg and it is a gas guzzler.

  • vor 8 Jahren

    Any car can be a good daily driver. It depends on your commute, how well you maintain the car, and your driving habits. Yes, it will probably not get super miles per gallon, but if you own an SS, you are probably not really worried about gas mileage. If you have a long commute with stop and go traffic, you might want to consider some other car.

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    vor 4 Jahren

    70 Chevelles

  • vor 8 Jahren

    Yes, it's gonna be a gas guzzler.

    It's not a good candidate for a daily driver.

    "can" it be used daily...yes. should you: NO

    A 70 is a highly sought after collector car. you can drive it occasionally, but you should have a beater car to drive in bad weather, etc.

    Quelle(n): own a couple classics. have a beater truck for every day driving.
  • vor 8 Jahren

    will it be a good reliable car? yes

    will it be a gas guzzler? yes

    is it good for everyday use? yes

    overall yes but depending on your income you'll have to eat ramen and shop at thrift shops (which isnt as bad as you think for that)

    thats how i afford all 3 of my gas guzzlers!

  • vor 8 Jahren

    my brothers 1977 is really quit similar.

    305 elctronic ign. 350 turbo auto , no air, 22miles/gallon, big brakes

    it was stock and I drove it out of the show room November 1977.

    it went from Toronto Canada to Vancouver.

    excellent car , almost as nice as a 1973 oldsmobile.

    parts is parts/ you got 1970 with a modest engine/cam setup.

    .no problems. better then a blazer. ( we bush test them)

    1970 wagon makes a good durby car.

    you can take out 9 hondas and not bend the bumper.

    Quelle(n): chevelle = full frame
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    Absolutely not. It is a gas guzzler, underpowered, unreliable, uncomfortable and ridiculously expensive to repair should you ding it. But that is all in comparison to a newer model and is of course subjective also. If it is a daily driver, it should at least be a rat rod or junker, not a show car.

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