Pitchfork hates Nas so much that they didnt even review Life Is Good?

What do you think Pitchfork would have rated Illmatic if they had reviewed it in 1994? I think 7/10 max, considering they rated Lost Tapes 6/10.

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Im talking about Pitchfork kiddo

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  • vor 9 Jahren
    Beste Antwort

    I really wish you kids would stop trying to be funny...Comedy is not in a lot of you guys good traits....

    Pitchfork i never take serious....they actually give 1.2's and 0.5's.....how can you be taken serious when you are giving weird ratings to just get hype?

    Whatever to Pitchfork....

    BQ: Sell....They have plenty of biases their too....i usually just look at metacritic and just compare all the reviews....

  • vor 9 Jahren

    oh well that album is still gonna be a hit classic either way

  • Anonym
    vor 9 Jahren

    u really still talkin bout Life is Good? who gives a f*ck about it? THAT SH*T IS OLD AS HELL ALREADY!!!

    @Bart. don't call me a kiddo

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