Has "Brahmastram" ever used?

In war craft we hear many 'Shastras' [ammunition] being used, and the 'Asthra' with presiding deity's mantra also used. Among the 'Asthras' the 'Brahmastram' is supposed to be having utmost power of destruction. Is there any mention of 'Brahmasthram' used in our 'Puranas'? If so when and in which yugam?

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    In Mahabharata:

    Guru Dronacharya used Brahmastra against the common soldiers,which was against the all canons of laws of righteous fight. Divine astras could be used against one's equals only. Dhristadhyumna came to fight with Drona again. Drona had killed two great warriors of the Pandavas sides. Drona killed three sons of Dhristadhyumna and Drupada and Virata. Dhristadhyumna was now wild at the killing of his sons and of his father. He attacked acharya again and again but did not succeed. Drona too used many astras against him and finally he invoked Brahmastra.

    Composed perhaps as early as 1,000 B.C.E., the Mahabharata there are references to use of over forty devastating weapons, the most severe of which may have been the brahmastra. This device is described multiple times within the Mahabharata, but detailed perhaps best in the text of Srimad Bhagavatam, a commentary of divine Hindu knowledge, compiled by Vyasa.

    “saṁhatyānyonyam ubhayos

    tejasī śara-saṁvṛte

    āvṛtya rodasī khaṁ ca

    vavṛdhāte 'rka-vahnivat

    The translation of this Sanskrit passage reads as follows:

    “When the rays of the two brahmastras combined, a great circle of fire, like…the sun, covered…whole firmament of planets.”

    The heat created by the flash of a brahmāstra resembles the fire exhibited in the sun globe at the time of cosmic annihilation. The radiation of atomic energy is very insignificant in comparison to the heat produced by a brahmāstra. The atomic bomb explosion can at utmost blow up one globe, but the heat produced by the brahmāstra can destroy the whole cosmic situation. The comparison is therefore made to the heat at the time of annihilation.



    In Ramayana:

    Indrajit, who was skilled in the use of all weapons, invoked the Brahmastra weapon of Lord Brahma. He also recited an incantation to protect his bow, chariot and other things. While he was invoking weapons and offering oblations into the sacrificial fire, the sky with the sun, planets, moon and stars became frightened. After offering oblations in the fire, Indrajit, who was splendorous like fire and equal to Indra in might, made himself, along with his bow, arrows, sword, chariot, horses and chariot, invisible in the sky.

    Stumbling toward each other, the monkeys howled loudly and fell down. Struck by arrows while looking up toward the sky, some monkeys grabbed each other and fell on the ground. Using lances, pikes and arrows charmed with mystic incantations, Indrajit pierced the prominent monkeys, such as Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamaadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshi, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyotirmukha, Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala and Kumuda. Having wounded the monkey troop leaders with his maces and golden arrows, Indrajit showered Rama and Lakshmana with volleys of arrows as bright as sun beams. Unaffected by the shower of arrows, as if it were just a shower of rain, Rama, who was exhibiting the most incredible splendor, looked at Lakshmana and said:

    “Resorting to a Brahmastra weapon and striking down many monkey soldiers, Indrajit is now tormenting us with his sharp arrows. Since Indrajit has received a boon from Lord Brahma, he therefore has great determination. Making his horrible form invisible, he stands with raised weapons. How then can he be killed? I know that Lord Brahma is inconceivable and that he is the origin of this particular weapon. As such, endure this shower of arrows with Me right now. This Rakshasa is in fact covering all directions with a shower of arrows. What is more, Sugreeva’s entire army, whose outstanding warriors have fallen, no longer looks very well. If Indrajit finds Us fallen on the ground unconscious and bereft of anger and joy, he will surely leave the battleground and return to Lanka to receive accolades for his exceptional prowess in combat.”

    After that, the two princes allowed themselves to be seriously injured by Indrajit’s weapons. Having caused the two princes difficulty, that leader of rakshasas roared jubilantly. When Indrajit finished afflicting the enemy, he suddenly entered the city of Lanka which was under the protection of Ravana. As he was being praised by the practitioners of the black arts, Indrajit joyfully told everything to his father.Indraji used Brahmastra against Lakshmana but not succeeded.



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    Theoretically, I believe so, and heard that one person 'Aswathama', son of Drona Acharya, has took it and tuned, and killed a lot of Pandava Battalion while the battalion were sleeping.

    In return, Lord Krishna broke out the special 'jewel' at the forehead - a part of Aswathama on birth - with advice that Aswathama should never forget his own 'cheating' and thus Aswathama, though is Chiranjivi (immortal) should suffer severe hot always at his forehead, and thus He still lives in Western Ghats.

    Lord gave him a relief on request and advised to sit under the 'sandal stone' in temples.

    In Kerala (India), the famous temple of Trichur, it is believed that every year, Aswthama visits to see the Trichur Festival during the festival seasons. The legend says -

    Once a Brahmin, who incidentally distinguished Aswthama and followed Him, and gained the 'mantra'. Unfortunately, the Brahmin told proudly that he knows the 'mantra' very well. Seeing his pride, Aswathama cursed him that the advice of 'Brahmastra' would only once be useful.

    This Brahmin, when came back, tested this advice (Upadesha) at an open devastated pond by taking a piece of straw and after silently invoking the proper phrase he threw the straw at the pond, and all the aqua-lives were came out dead, ending the advantage of such a great weapon.

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    wow, your examples don't make much sense. As if leaving a bible on my dash will remind a thief "thou shalt not steal" and they would humbly walk away. Or that reminding a liar about god will make them suddenly tell the truth. The only time "use" the concept of god is to point out a Christian's own hypocrisy. They claim to be bible-believers, and they believe the bible is literally the word of god, and yet they don't follow it. They have no right to point out the mote in someone else's eye while ignoring the beam in their own.

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    never used. it is just a story. thats all. dont believe in them and waste your time

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    if brahmastram is brahmastra then yes it was used on laxman by indrajeet otherwise idk.

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