Why P.A.Sangma was denied permission to meet 'Jagan'?

YS.Jaganmohan Reddy the chief of YSR Congress party succeeded in winning 15 assembly seats during the recent elections in A.P. Now as the India's presidential elections are due, it is natural that the contestants seek support from all states m.l.a.s and m.p.s. In this process P.A.Sangma[ex- speaker of parliament] wished to meet 'Jagan' who is a sitting m.p. presently in jail. Does the jail authorities have the right to deny Sangma visiting another M.P.?

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  • vor 9 Jahren
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    Obviously, Congress has the power in AP and it does not want that Sangma meet Jagan to garner his support.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    the state is ruled by the congress and the jails are controled by the state .PA Sagma is from the opposition and he is allowed to meet and seek his support and get it then the congress nominee would suffer .

    Sanga should have taken permission from the competent authorities .

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