How you reacted when u heard Rick Ross is a confirmed feature on Life Is Good?

So we got a first confirmed feat. for Life Is Good, the overhated rapper Rick Ross. What were/are your reactions when u first heard.


Yeah i pretty much agree he is better than most of these new mainstream rappers. It's not like I would welcome his feature, but I don't rlly mind him being on the album.

Update 2:

at Lola: Yeah they done several songs, but they were either on Ross' albums or non-album songs. This will be the first time Nas lets him on his album, but it's definitely a better choice than when he featured Wayne on Distant Relatives, that was a hard blow for the song, even when Wayne tried his best there.

Update 3:

Whats your problem Deron?

Update 4:

at Rhyme Sayer: True, but I kidna enjoyed singles without features this time, it felt like old Nas.

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  • vor 9 Jahren
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    Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna go all "omq Rik rose iz turrible" because I think he's decent...

    ...but ON A NAS ALBUM? Why...

  • Spice
    Lv 6
    vor 9 Jahren

    I wish Rick Ross would produce albums instead of rapping on them. He's got an ear for beats and putting the right features, but he has no delivery, mediocre skill and he doesn't rap about anything. This probably won't ruin the album, but I hope he's on a throwaway song and not something where Nas is going hard on.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    Not surprise Rick Ross been the hottest rapper for the last couple of years

  • PJ
    Lv 6
    vor 9 Jahren

    Not bad. Rick Ross is one of the best mainstream rappers in my opinion. I would enjoy Nas and Ricky Ross rapping over a JUSTICE League beat, it's definitely not Nas rapping over a Premo beat or anything, but I'll take it for what it is.

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  • vor 9 Jahren

    Yall gott understand Nas isn't stuck in 1996 with his illmatic album in hand. He's listening to all the same music everyone else is today. He's a fan just like the rest of us, hes human like us! lmao a lot of people forget that celebrities are human like me and you i think. plus him and ross have done multiple songs in the past, and some really good ones at that. so i wasnt even shocked at all, i kinda had a feeling he'd be on it.

  • Anonym
    vor 9 Jahren

    Rick Ross is underhated. All he raps about is how much money he makes and selling drugs which he doesn't do. His lyrics are the worst, i.e. "sharks on lean", "drop an x pill in the fish tank", my mom used to drive a cavalier now she lives like a Cleveland cavalier". Mainstream rap just sucks these days.

  • jarman
    Lv 4
    vor 4 Jahren

    7/10. Amsterdam and sixteen. it became rather lots on par together with his previous couple albums. nonetheless rather repetitive no matter how good the production must be. he's purely gotta provide up calling all MMG releases classics... starting to be to be a gimmick. enable the persons make certain if that's a classic or no longer.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    I think he'll do alright... he did a pretty good job on Devil in a New Dress and Molasses.... and come on, one verse isn't going to hurt an entire album. However, The Don would've been the perfect track for him to feature on, it's definitely his style, so I don't see why they didn't throw him on that track.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    You just told me so here's my reaction

    I kinda like Rick Ross, so I don't mind. Never actually listened to one of his albums though

    What a reaction that was, stuff of magic

  • Anonym
    vor 9 Jahren

    I would have been surprised if Rick Ross wasn't on it tbh...

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