Devin The Dude or Z-Ro?

I like both but i prefer Devin. Z-Ro puts way too much albums out, not saying they are bad, but im pretty sure that if he slowed down he could put out much better albums. Devin gives me more chills plus his voice is a bit better id say. And Devin sounds more fresh. What you think?, Rate them.

BQ: Have you been watching how Saigon recently dissed Rick Ross and then denied dissing him, then they published a audio record where he is dissing him xD.

BQ2: Rate Jeru the Damaja discography

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    vor 9 Jahren
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    Devin obviously wins this for me. You're right, he is "more fresh"

    Devin -- 8/10

    Z-Ro -- 6/10

  • vor 9 Jahren

    I like Z-ro more, but i keep away from his new stuff.. i stay away from new **** in general but, it isnt as good as them days from Guerilla Maab. but i also like me some Devin the dude too, they both good, but i'd have to go with Z-ro. . .

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