Is Curren$y worth giving a shot?

What kind of rapper is he? Is he more like J Cole and Big KRIT. or is he a garbage rapper like wiz, 2chainz etc.

BQ: Pac Div or Dilated Peoples


mmmh, the Alchemist beat is dope, but the rap is quite bad actually.

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  • vor 9 Jahren
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    personally i haven't heard much of his material but his project with alchemist was dope.

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    bq: dilated peoples but pac div is also nice..

  • VA
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    vor 9 Jahren

    He's good. He's usually though of as a weed rapper, but an intelligent weed rapper lol...I find him far more entertaining than Wiz.

    Start with Pilot Talk I & II, and Covert Coup.

    BQ: Dilated Peoples, never got into Pac Div.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    Curren$y is definitely one of the illest out....period...

    Covert Coup

    Pilot Talk

    Pilot Talk 2

    Those 3 alone are worth the praise....

    Him and Big Krit have done music together...he is better than J Cole....

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