Rate Main Flow albums?

I havent heard all yet, so far i hear only Castle Diplomat and Hip Hopulation, but i was very positively surprised, how could i miss such a good rapper? the production is also very good.

What yall think of him, rate his albums.

BQ: Pac Div or Dilated Peoples

BQ2: Straight No Chaser (new reks album) or R.A.P. Music (new killer mike album)

BQ3: buy or sell Trophies is O.C.'s second best album


i think Word...Life Trophies Jewelz

Trophies has rlly top production, beatwise id put it on first place.

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    Castle Diplomat - 8/10

    Hip Hopulation - 8.5/10

    Notebook Assassin - 7.5/10

    Flow Season - 8.5/10

    Return of the Castle - 6.5/10

    You could give or take .5 off a few of these ratings, I haven't listened to him in a little while.

    BQ3: Sell, Jewelz and Word...Life are both better in my opinion.

    I gotta let Trophies sink in a little more, Jewelz is just one of those albums I've been listening to for the longest time.

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