Isnt O.C. better than Big L?

It's a tough choice but i think O.C. is slightly better than L actually...

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  • vor 9 Jahren
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    Big L is a better rapper than O.C. but I honestly prefer O.C. more. He does have better production than L though.

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  • vor 9 Jahren

    I like both very much , Big L had those instant punchlines but I'd go with O.C on this one...

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  • Graph
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    vor 9 Jahren

    I can see that. Times up is a classic to me.


    90's Ice Cube,

    Del (recently) not sure about now. haven heard much lately.

  • Sk8972
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    vor 9 Jahren


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  • Anonym
    vor 9 Jahren


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  • vor 9 Jahren

    It's that like blasphemy here?

    I don't know who's better because I don't listen to any Big L but O.C.'s Word...Life is such an underrated gem.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    Not even close

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  • ?
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    vor 9 Jahren

    I think Big L is better

  • vor 9 Jahren

    i think O.C. is my favorite member of DITC

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