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Anonym fragte in Computers & InternetSecurity · vor 9 Jahren

Removal of "Babylon Toolbar" (malware) from the programs and features list?

I managed to get babylon toolbar installed on my pc.

Having done all I can to removed it: deleting program files, app data, registry etc and running anti malware and spyware software (I am pretty sure I have got rid of the program.)

The issue I have left is it still appears on the programs and feature list, when I try to remove it is say the program has been removed would i like to remove from list then says "you do not have sufficient access to remove babylon toolbar from programs and features list. please contact you system administrator."

It is my personal pc and my account is an admin so I have no idea how to remove it from this list.

I imagine this is an aesthetic issue but would like it to go away, how would I do this?

Does this mean I have not got rid of all of it?


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    It looks like you did it the wrong way and you messed up your registry which is why it still thinks the toolbar is still there but the files associated to it aren't really there anymore as you deleted them manually. What I would suggest is REINSTALL the Babylon Toolbar to repair and reconstruct the missing files.

    After reinstalling it, do the following removal procedures to remove it completely:

    Click on Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Find the Babylon Toolbar and Babylon Search from the list and uninstall them.

    You can also use a more efficient uninstaller like the free Revo Uninstaller to do it:

    On Firefox: Open Firefox. Go to Add-ons tab and delete the 3 Babylon extensions. Close the Add-ons tab and click on the pull-down arrow inside the search box. Select Manage search engines and delete the Babylon search engine.

    On IE: To verify if it is still in IE, click on Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Programs > Manage Add-ons. Remove Babylon from the Toolbars and Extension, Search Providers and Accelerators.

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    vor 9 Jahren

    Install the Perfect Uninstaller programme. This software uninstalled the programme completely and remove the programme from registry entries too. Safe and Secure

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