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whats the best cold air intake for a 2002 v6 mustang?

whats the best cold air intake for a 2002 v6 mustang i really want some good not traditional k&n

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    Probably none. 95% of all cold air intakes do not actually pull in cold air at all. Most pull in hot air from the engine compartment which is bad for engine performance. Even the kits with a "heat shield" still pull in hot air since they are just there as a token useless part. Any higher flow you gain is neutralized by the hot air.

    Only the kits that pull in air from outside the vehicle are worth buying. Those kits will have have ducts going to the radiator support or the inner fender where cold air is readily available. If no real cold air kits are made then buying a K&N reusable high performance filter for your stock air box is the best alternative.

    A true dual exhaust should be the first mod on your list. A CAI(cold air intake) kit will do nothing on an older v6 Mustang. Look up H or X pipes for your application. Real dual exhaust that gets rid of the stock Y pipe is a performance mod that will actually be felt.

    Only a TRUE dual exhaust is worth it. You need a H or X pipe to replace your power robbing Y pipe and then you can bolt on a v8 dual exhaust to it. Pypes makes one for your car for about $375. There's also a guy on Ebay that sells one that he makes with Magnaflow high flow cats that is very well made and many people buy it and his is cheaper at $300. His seller name is mandrelexhaustsystems. Here's a link: NOT get the offroad pipe without cats or you will fail emissions inspection and depending on the state you live in you could be subject to a large ticket if caught running no cats. You will also need additional parts and mods to make it work without O2 sensors.

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    Make your own. I've seen people make them from PVC pipe and a high-flow cone filter, like Spectre, that actually flow very well. It may not be shiny but its at least functional. You can also buy the rubber seal/connectors that are used in the "name brand" kits. If you make your own, you will probably only spend about 1/3 of the cost of a kit.

    Another cheap and just as efficient way is to just buy the cone filter and remove/modify the stock air box. The stock inlet piping will flow decent enough without the restriction of the factory filter and air silencers built into the air box.

    Quelle(n): Done it myself and helped friends do it to their cars.
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    ebay has some cheap kits. Anything you get will be better than stock.

    Just keep your original parts for when you have to smog it.

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