Reks > KRS-One or Reks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KRS-One?

For real man KRS is overrated as ****, I only liked his first two albums, and even those two i wouldnt consider classic, why does everyone put him in top 5 lol thats pathetic, and he totally ruined the single Classic by Nas and Rakim. And i bet ppl who actually praise him, praise him only bcs he started rapping in the 80s.

BQ: How ya liked the new Reks album, sounds dope to me.

BQ2: Do yall have high expectations on the new Killer Mike album?

BQ3: Saigon or Blaq Poet


rap.about thinks he is better than Nas ^^

Update 2:

Killer Mike's new joint isnt out yet, it comes out in two weeks or so.

I think Saigon is more entertaining. Skillwise they are about the same level. However i can'T always listen to Blaq Poet, while to Sai you can basicly listen always.

Yeah you are right about Reks, he looked rlly promising back then, but he hasnt fallen off either, I enjoyed every of his new albums, although they werent as good as Gray Hairs.

To make things clear, i dont think KRS is whack, but i consider him waaay overrated, and his lyrics are mostly quite basic too.

I dont think Common is that underrated, he actually has a strong fanbase, and sells alot, there are more underrated rappers than him.

Update 3:

oh and i was talking about this Reks album,_No_Chaser_%... a brand new one.

not the one from 2011

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    To be honest with you, i agree with you on KRS being OVERRATED, i think he even raps offbeat alot! And when i say ALOT, i mean ALOT!

    He raps very basic, like this song

    Youtube thumbnail

    I think probably it's MAINLY because he can really freestyle, Not written. Not like current freestyle ( Blackberry / Iphone Freestyle) where people write flows and spit off it - calling it freestyle.

    I think one of the most underrated rappers are Talib, Common, Saigon, Black Thought ( From the Roots) and alot of other rappers who really represent rap in it's rawest state!

    BQ: - That album Reks, i'd give it 7/10. it wasnt great, but definitely worth a listening.

    Songs like Thats That - Stages ( with Nas's sample) are BEAUTIFUL songs.

    I heard about Reks in 2009, and thought he would BLOW up, but he faded out like many other rappers who never got a PUSH by the media or press because they were WAY beyond their times!

    BQ2: I havent heard Killer Mikes Album, but i will give it a listen. Thanks for pointing it out to me, and i will let you know my thoughts on it.

    BQ3 : Saigon is a way better rapper than Blaq Poet on a delivery sense, blaq poet is far deeper than Saigon on an intellectual level

    These are just my opinion!

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  • vor 9 Jahren

    Or KRS-One>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reks (MY OPINION)

    People putting a rapper In the top 5 Is not pathetic If It's their opinion. I praise him for Return Of The Boom Bap.

  • vor 9 Jahren

    He isn't overrated. A lot of ppl don't like him. He isn't cocky either. He's not in the top 5 of Any list I've seen.

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