shortening my full e-mail address?

My e-mail address is quite long and same as my name. When sending a mail, my name appears double, once before the actual address and once again in my address. How can I remove the first mentioning of my name since it appears in my address again, anyway ? I have checked through so many yahoo help sides already but couldn't find the proper solution ...

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    There is no way with Yahoo mail. It will always attach your name to your address. I guess you can shorten the name to anything you want but the problem is with most email programs the name and not the address is displayed. I am pretty sure that the name can't be blank but you can try it.

    You can change the FROM name and the REPLY TO address on the "Accounts" page.

    Click "options ↬ mail options ↬ Mail Accounts" in left column.

    Click "Yahoo! Mail" in the left column.

    You can change the name or reply to address there.

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