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Explain both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs claims to Israel and the Palestinian territories?

not to be rude but just give me the answer to the question please i need it asap

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    the Palestinian claim is that they are the indigenous population dating back to the Neolithic. They are the direct descendants of the Hebrews- this is proven by genetic testing. In fact most scholars do not dispute this, only those with political motivations. They do not use hard evidence but claims that have been proven false for decades now- Joan Peters is one who has been proven to use falsified data.

    The British promised self-government for the Palestinians in return for their assistance in fighting the Turks in WWI- called the McHahon-Hussein correspondence. However they also promised to allow Jews to settle in Palestine- in return Zionist promised to get the USA into the war. Thus the Balfour agreement was hammered out. It did not promise a state, nor in fact any sort of government. In 1939 the British agreed that Palestine was to be a representational democracy. The Zionist launched a terrorist campaign which ultimately drove the British out. The Americans then bribed and threatened other countries to vote to acknowledge Israel- after the Israeli forces had driven out hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. In return for recognition, Israel was to allow the refugees to return. This was reneged. After the attack on Egypt by Israel, Jordan was forced from the West Bank, Egypt from Gaza and Syria from the Golan Heights. Israel then commenced to illegally settle the areas. Israel returned the Sinai and later withdrew its settlements from Gaza (about 7000 people). However it still denies Palestinian self-rule. It governs the West Bank, yet refuses the Palestinians representation. In short Israel is winning through attrition. Every day a little more land is taken- and the Palestinians who fight back are labeled terrorists. Those who support them are labeled terrorists. Even peaceful demonstrators are arrested and detained without charge or habeus corpus. Palestinians just want the same thing the Israelis received in 1948

    @anvil, San Remo never said that the entire Palestinian Mandate was to be the Jewish homeland, nor was it in 1922, but 1920. During the conference British Prime Minister Lloyd George stated that the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence was a treaty obligation. There are two provisos you overlooked 1) "the establishment IN Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" NOTE: the use of the preposition "IN" which clearly implies not ALL of Palestine AND the word "HOME" NOT state. 2)"it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine".

    I don't understand why this obsession with the origin of the NAME Palestine. Canada is a Native American word, does that imply that ALL Canadians are Native Americans or conversely that if you are NOT Native American, you can not be Canadian? Or maybe you know you can not dispute the genetic evidence proving that Palestinians are in fact Hebrew/Canaanite descent so you try to imply that because they can not prove they are Hellenistic in origin, they are not Palestinian? Ignoring the fact that we know the Philistines were dispersed by the Egyptians and forced to resettle in Southern Canaan. (nice documentary from a JEWISH ISRAELI source) (summary of studies)

    And you seemed to ignore the fact that we KNOW people in Palestine have been referring to themselves as "Palestine" before the 20th century because a writer Khayr al-Din al-Ramli, referred to the area he lived as "Palestine" in the SEVENTEENTH century. .But, of course, you already know all this. I'm sure you've already looked up these references as they have been posted many times before; and I'm sure you would've screamed if you could find any holes in it. But you, or any other, have never refuted any of these points.

    If your cause is just, why the need for the deceit?

    @simple simon, it doesn't matter what he INTENDED he was afterall only a messenger. The Foreign Minister, Lord Curzon stated "The Palestine position is this. If we deal with our commitments, there is first the general pledge to Hussein in October 1915, under which Palestine was included in the areas as to which Great Britain pledged itself that they should be Arab and independent in the future"

    Quelle(n): And finally the final proof is the British Parliament agreed and passed into law the White Paper of 1939 which, among other things, stated "however, evident from these statements that His Majesty's Government were not free to dispose of Palestine without regard for the wishes and interests of the inhabitants of Palestine, and that these statements must all be taken into account in any attempt to estimate the responsibilities which—upon any interpretation of the Correspondence—His Majesty's Government have incurred towards those inhabitants as a result of the Correspondence." So the British government, which administed the Mandated, stated unequivocally that the British had NO RIGHT to give up ANY of Palestine. THIS is the final say. So WHO'S trying to rewrite history? BTW are you admitting that Jordan is NOT part of Palestine? It is definitely NOT West of Damsacus, but South and even East!
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    Palestinians took advantage of an offer, made by some of the Arab states, in 1948, to move to those countries.

    Those countries never gave them citizenship. They aren't citizens anywhere.

    Palestinians who stayed in Israel, are Israeli citizens.

    Those who have no country, because they took an offer of homes, and didn't get what they were promised, are disillusioned, and have decided that it's ISRAEL'S fault that the Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, etc., reneged on their promises. They are jealous, because the hard-working Jewish people who inhabit Israel have made the land that they couldn't do anything with (because they are largely lazy and uneducated) into a productive garden. And they want that land back.

    Thing is, if the land were given back to them, it would revert to malarial swamps and arid desert within a generation. Then they would be no better off than their great-great-grandparents were.

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    Firms stands His Word to Abraham spoken

    His oath to Isaac never broken

    His everlastting covenant

    With Israel God will not recant

    He said " To you this land I give

    That as my heirs you there may live"

    When few in numbers and neglected

    They by tthe nations were rejected

    And when they wandered far and wide

    The Lord remained their faithfull guide

    So none His people could repress

    Kings could not curse when God did bless.

    Psalm 105 verses 4-5 "and who can thwart the will of the Lord God of Israel?

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    Israeli Jews claim to be descendents of the tribes of Israel, who inhabited Israel/Palestine more than 2000 years ago, but were expelled by the Romans after the Bar Kokhba Revolt. Palestinian Arabs have lived there up to the present day. Of course, it's not that black-and-white. There were some Jews who continued to live there from the Middle Ages up to the present, mostly Sephardic Jews, but the majority of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazi who immigrated from Europe around the turn of the 20th century. But for more than the past thousand years, Palestine has been a majority Arab area.

    Then there's also a political dimension, which is largely the story of how the British messed up everything by promising everything to everybody. They convinced the Arabs to revolt against the Ottoman Empire during WWI and promised that all the Arab lands would become independent after the war (Hussein-McMahon Correspondence). They also told the Zionist movement that they would support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine (Balfour Declaration). And then they decided to break both promises and just put the land under their own colonial control (Sykes-Picot Agreement).

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    I shall give the general view of the situation based on historical facts in bullets

    - Palestinians among other nations lived in today's Israel/Palestine even before man started to record history. They had their kings and kingdoms and the Jewish Torah recorded the first interrelation between the Hebrews and the Palestinians in Genesis 21:34 when it said

    "And Abraham- the father of Hebrews- stayed in the land of the Philistines for a long time."

    Torah kept mentioning Palestine and the Palestinians for almost 100 times

    - Hebrews were mentioned in the Babylonian scriptures as nomadic tribes which lived in Mesopotamia (today's Iraq) and they were called Apirus (Hebrews). Same name was given to them by the ancient Egyptians. The origin of those nomadic tribes is not recorded though some researchers claim that they are most likely Kurds ( very close Genetic characteristics).

    - After Abraham, Hebrews did not stay for long in Palestine and moved to Egypt (almost 1650 BC) where they lived there for 400 years and then they returned back to Palestine after the collapse of the Egyptian Empire which included Palestine at that time (around 1220 BC)

    - With Moses in the picture, now the Hebrews are called Jews and they lived as a minority in the land. Their claim of their Kingdoms are not supported by any solid evidence except their own scripture (no Archeological proofs or writings from other civilizations). Being a minority with no connection to the land made them an easy target for the other nations which captured them, slaved them,disposed them and even exiled them ( The Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Romans)

    - Till today, no single archeological discovery was found to prove the Jewish side of the Homeland story ( not even a single temple, a theater, a stadium, a road , a wall, a column ......). It is only in their books but nothing on the ground in the same time you find lots of evidences for the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Assyrian,, Phoenicians civilizations in the same areas claimed to be part of the Jewish Kingdom including the suggested location for the Jewish Temple which they spent the last 60 years examining and digging using very sophisticated equipment to find any trace for the lost temple in vain. All what was found were Roman cellars and columns.

    - The Kingdom of David and Solomon lasted only for 70 years after which the Jews lived in scattered communities which they claim as kingdoms

    - The claimed Western wall of the temple is seen by many researchers as a Roman structure

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    "Israeli" Jews are Boat Dockers, Palestinian Arabs are Local Farmers.

    Quelle(n): Annakbah, 1948
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    1. There is no land called Israel. Israel is a man (Jacob) who's name was changed to Israel.

    2. Palestine was called Canaan before it was named Palestine 2000 years ago by the Romans. The Canaanites' names and the name they gave Jerusalem (Aur Salem) when established by them 5000 years ago (before the time of Abraham) tell us that they were Arabs.

    3. The ancient kingdoms of the Jews in Palestine were established by the Jewish invaders during a short part of Palestine's history. They were destroyed and the ancient Jews killed/or enslaved twice by the Babylonians and the Romans.

    4. The Canaanites never left Canaan (Palestine) and during the short time existence of the Kingdoms of the Jews in their country they were in a continuous state of war with those kingdoms till the kingdoms were invaded and destroyed, and they stayed in their country during the rule of Babylonians and Romans.

    5. When Muslims had wars with the Romans and finally defeated them, the front liners on the Roman side at the north of the Arabian Peninsula were the Ghassanides, who were the local Christian Arabs of today's (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine). Therefore, and at that point, the Palestinians were a mixture of Jews, Christian Arabs, and non-believer Arabs, who, originally, were Canaanites.

    6. The Khazarian nation (South of Russia) and their Royalty have converted to Judaism during the 8th and 9th, before they were invaded and their kingdom destroyed by the Russians and later by the Moguls during the 10th and 11th centuries. Therefore, the Khazarian Jews were not off-springs of Abraham and did not belong to the ancient kingdoms of Jews that existed for a short time of the history in Palestine.

    7. When the Khazar Kingdom was invaded, the Khazar Jews have fled their kingdom to Eastern and Central Europe and/or taken as slaves to Russia. The Khazar Jews are now called Ashkenazim, who were 92% of the world Jews in the year 1931. Today they make up to 80% of the world Jews, and are a majority of the population of today's State of Israel.

    8. The Zionist movement was established by Khazarian Jews, who do not belong to Palestine, or to the Middle East, and who are the first class citizens of Israel, because they established it through the influence of their Zionist Organization with the Western politicians.

    9. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinians were a mixture of Arabs (Muslims and Christians), non-Arabs (Romans, Persians, Greeks, Armenians, and/or whoever chose to live in the holy land) with only 5% Palestinian Jews, who are original Jews and now treated as a second grade citizens in today's Israel.

    The only people who have right to claim Palestine are the Palestinians, no matter what their religion, or ethnicity is, or what the political name of the country now is, and the Khazarian Jews are invaders and their settlements are illegal under International Law. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and never belonged to the British to be donated to the East European Jews, neither was it for sale to be given away for a cheap price paid by the rich Zionists to corrupted politicians.

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    Israel is the Jewish homeland,Palestine is merely another name for Israel. Jews have always lived Israel to some extent.Most Palestinian Arabs left of their own accord told to leave by Arab governments. Most of the land of modern Israel was legally bought by Jews from Arab landlords, Jews have always lived their to some extent

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    Jewish people have lived in the holy lands from 3,000 years. They were forced to leave it many times by non-jewish colonizers but still few minorities survived.

    "Palestinians" are arabs who are mostly muslims with other religious minorities. They came to the holy land 1400 year ago as colonizers and lived there.

    In the late 19th century, the holy land was still under muslim control but the Jewish who were forced away from there homes many years ago were facing christian extremism in europe so they decided to get back to their home land where they can be safe again.

    Once they came back, there was Ottomans who lost the land in the war then brits took control so once the brits mandate timing has expired they left the land and arabs had no intentions in making a state so Jewish people did and ever since they did the arabs have been jealous of them for making a state on the land before them.

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    Israel has a historical claim to the Land of Israel going back about 4000 years ago.

    The Arab claim is based on invasion by Islam about 1300 years ago.

    Jerusalem was the capital of Israel from the time of King David.Jerusalem has been the central point of Jewish prayer since the first Temple.Jews have been living in Jerusalem whenever the could.

    Romans,Crusaders and many Muslim rulers and Arab Muslims up to 1948 ,expelled Hebrews/Jews from their holy City,until 1967.

    Palestinians have never had a State in History.

    They did not even exist as a people before about 1970 when the first called themselves by the Philistine name created by the Romans,and used by Britain during the mandate.

    They have no specific history at all.They speak Arabic and are regarded as South Syrians.

    Who are the Palestinians.they arose in part from the Arab Muslim invaders about 1300 years ago.They were joined by disparate immigrants from the Ottoman Empire.The bulk were Arabs from other Arab countries,drawn to the Land by Jewish development during the previous century.

    Jerusalem was never a capital city under Arab occupation. Always a backwater for Palestinians.

    In contrast to Jews. Muslim Arabs turn to Mecca in prayer,not Jerusalem.

    In 1922 the League of Nations Conference in San Remo designated the Jewish National Home to extend from the Mediterranean Sea to the borders of Iraq.

    Unfortunately they entrusted Britain with the mandate over the territory.Britain immediately played it's role as Perfidious Albion and chopped off 78%for an Arab puppet state ,Transjordan,which is now 80% Palestinian.

    It also banned Jewish immigration to the Jewish National Home,but freely welcomed Arabs.This British Banning of Jews contributed to the holocaust ,and prevented millions of Jews from returning home.

    The so called Palestinian territories are,and have been an integral portion of the Jewish National Home.In accordance with the charter of the United Nations,Article 80,this is part of Israel.It has been occupied by Jordan,but has been liberated Israel since 1967.

    Micharda,in keeping with her Arab culture,writes about bribery and threats in the conspiracy to reestablish the State of Israel.

    She distorts history by claiming that the United Nations created Israel in order to solve the refugee problem caused by the Arab invasion of Israel. As usual she has her facts wrong.

    Israel was attacked by several Arab countries and local Arabs,who fled the war Zone.Fortunately Israel survived,no thanks to the Palestinians who participated in this bloody war which cost1% of the total Jewish population.Refugees ,whether it was the Million Jews from Arab lands ,or the enemy aliens,were part of a population exchange.Never as Micharda falsely claims, part of a deal ,to create Israel.

    Israel has chosen to give Arabs full rights as citizens.It also respect equally all rights by Arabs in Judea and Shomron to prior ownership of land.Arabs,including Palestinians, in contrast have never respected Israeli ownership and destroyed or stole all Israeli property where ever they were in control.

    DAN DAN should read some old fashioned authorities on Hebrew history .He appears to have enormous gaps in history when he makes his simplistic claims that Jewish history lasted 70 years!They must have had remarkable fertility rates to become the most populous part of the Roman Empire.

    He has also never heard of contemporaneous accounts and archaeological evidence .Since when are Cis-Palestinians Arabs the same people as the Philistines an extinct ancient Hellenist people.It is indeed remarkable that Cis Palestinians only discovered their roots in 1970.

    If Micharda can claim that Cis Palestinian s are genetically Hebrew.Than he must offer some DNA evidence about the Hellenic origins of of this newly minted people.

    He might just as well claim to be a Neanderthal himself.I would love to know who this great scholar is because not only have dated coins been found at the base of the Western Wall but even a first year student knows that the stones are classical Herodian stones that no Roman would be found dead imitating.

    At best he is naive and ignorant of the facts.

    But than Israel is a State of Laws and Justice.There is no doubt that Israel has the only justifiable claim to Israel and the jewish Nation Home as defined by history and the League of Nations.

    Quelle(n): the Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz
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