So what Yall think of Commons new album?

Its a bit short for my taste and there certainly are a few trash tracks, but all in all its a solid abum, i like about half of the tracks on it pretty much.

best tracks: ghetto dreams, celebrate, blue sky, gold

id give it a 7,5/10

mostly bcs from such a short album ud expect that all the tracks will be A or A+ but only bout half of them actually is. still its like 4th best Common album or so

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  • Matt C
    Lv 5
    vor 9 Jahren
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    I agree with pretty much everything. I'd rate it 8/10 though.

    And yeah LWFC>Res>FF>TD,TB

  • vor 9 Jahren

    I like people like you, real hip hop heads.

    Never heard the Album tho

  • vor 9 Jahren

    Terrible. Same old rehashed junk.

    Quelle(n): RS
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