Whats the hype about Planet Asia?

He sounds so whack to me... i heard almost every of his album and there are only like 2-3 good songs on each..

Also on Lyrical Law by Canibus he got totally murdered by Canibus and Copywrite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW4PboWpkoI

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He sounds boring on almost every track and even a totally mediocre rapper like Copywrite can easily outperform him, how can anone give him higher than 3/10 rating...


well he almost sounds like he had no flow, some songs he is just talkin over a beat..

eh i must admit that i havent heard any Copywrite album so far, only several featurings.. and they were mediocre, so he might be better than i think but from what i heard so far he is a 5/10 rapper

Update 2:

I know that some stuff is just a matter of opinion but Canibus is better than Planet Asia by miles

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  • vor 9 Jahren
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    Planet Asia has a unique flow and rhyme style. he's one of my top 3 favorite west coast mc's. but you're right, he did get killed on Lyrical Law, but not by much. he makes dope albums.

  • Anonym
    vor 9 Jahren

    I'll second the first pat of what Samurai said. He has a pretty diverse catalog and while probably none of it is integral, he has some pretty solid stuff...

    But uh, Planet Asia > Canibus & Copywrite

  • vor 4 Jahren

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  • "mediocre rapper like Copywrite"


    Quelle(n): He's at his best when he's on a boom bap beat doing battle rap.
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