Buy or Sell: Child of the Streets feels like underground "version" of One Mic?

Child of the Streets by Keith Murray to make sh!t clear. I'm not saying that its as good as One Mic, but i think the style of the song is pretty similar to the of One Mic (with other words the style of these two song is pretty unique).

BQ: Buy or Sell: Keith Murray is underrated

BQ2: What the hell happened to EPMD and most of all Erick Sermon, he practicly disappeared from the hip hop scene, he made a brief appearance in Blackout 2 but since then i havent heard a word of him.

BQ3: Favourite def squad member and favourite def squad song

BQ4: what will come first Blackout 3 or Detox


at Dick B: Man then play it on utube? :D its not so hard to type it in utube ^^

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    Haven't heard that track.

    BQ: Buy

    BQ2: They got old.

    BQ3: Erick Sermon

    BQ4: Blackout 3

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