I think I might have a mental disorder?

I think I might have some kind of mental disorder. I'm not sure what, or if I'm just making things up in my head or what. I'm 16, female (if that makes a difference). I also cut myself because I just feel so horrible and disgusting all the time and I can't cope even with the smallest of stresses. I have thought about suicide on thousands of occasion, and often find myself fantasizing about throwing myself in front of oncoming vehicles. I'm really anti-social because I hate having to interact with people I don't know/like (which is most people) because I feel they don't like me, or want to talk to me and I feel unbearably awkward. I am extremely irritable all the time and have always had a problem falling asleep and waking up. Lately I've been almost crying at tiny things - including getting a question wrong in class and I just feel rubbish all the time. Maybe I'm just being a hormonal teenager, but I need to know for sure if I am, or whether there is actually something wrong with me.


I know that a doctor would be better for help with this, but I'm embarrassed and will feel like a total idiot if I HAVE just made it all up in my head because then I'll feel like a psycho. I hate getting things wrong and being rejected - it makes me feel worthless. That's why I haven't been to one yet. If you really think I need to then maybe, but right now, I just want to know whether it's possible or hear from people with experience, not people who just answer questions with no real help and just tell me to go to a doctor. Thank you for all the useful answers so far x

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    My opinion is that you are unsocialized and the reason you feel this way is because you have difficulty communicating how you feel or even understanding your emotions at times. Perhaps you have moments where you don't feel anything and you think you should. Nothing is wrong with you. Its called being bored as f***. Ride a roller coaster. Go on an adventure, if you can't think of one go outside and seek one out, literally walk around looking at everything u see until u can think of something like in your backyard even play with the grass/dirt. draw a picture of a family guy dvd cover. Buy some toothpaste clips so you can get all the toothpaste out of the tube. Cut/Dye your hair, try on dresses at goodwill (the old lady ones), call your grandparents, and be glad your car didn't get stolen 2 days ago like me and are really depressed because u have to spend literally all your money in your life savings to buy a new one.

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    i became into truly like that, i became into continually detrimental approximately each and every thing (thats flow grotesque, so stupid, why did you do this?) and that i additionally had a very undesirable selfesteem and self image. i became into clinically determined with melancholy and positioned on zoloft now i'm not something like i take advantage of to be, i'm lots nicer and happier.

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    Realizing you might have a problem is the first step towards a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

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    If it's been more than six months, you meet the criteria for depression. I think. So, go see a doctor.

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    Thats what Doctors are for, dearie, not the internet

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