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So conservatives NOW feel debt is bad? Reagan, Bush1, Bush.. .ALL upped the debt.?

The 13 colonies went into debt to fund the revolution.

The US went deeper into debt to defend itself against the British invasion of 1812.

The US had its biggest economic boom while running up more debt during WW2.

US debt or deficits aren't always a bad thing.

The US has been in debt since at least 1791.

But the Republicans have SUDDENLY decided debt is bad now that a black man is President.

Nope, no racism here folks.

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    The Republicans in the US don't actually care about the debt. Their primary concerns are widening the income gap, limiting the political clout of the middle class - if it must exist, and to "make Obama a one-term president."

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    Because of a loophole, hedge fund managers are likely to pay a lower rate of taxes than their secretaries. Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest men, has spoken out about the injustice of the fact that his tax rate was less than the cleaning lady's. Both parties agree that reform of the tax code is necessary, but one thing should be clear: As it stands, the tax system disproportionately benefits the wealthiest Americans. Passing a debt deal that exclusively cuts programs that benefit middle- and lower-income Americans will only exacerbate this difference.

    Because of a loophole, hedge fund managers are likely to pay a lower rate of taxes than their secretaries. Instead of letting these tax cuts expire, the Republicans would rather put this load on the backs of the working poor, those that depend on paychecks week to week or the seniors and disabled. These tax cuts have NOT helped anybody get a job or keep a job. Trickle down does not work, Reagan proved that. The rich keep their trickle. Personal income tax and corporate tax are two very separate and different things. Those who think they are similar are very foolish and have no concept of the income tax code.

    Another fact that has been largely ignored in this debate is the origin of all this debt. We are, after all, raising the debt limit to pay for things we've already bought or purchased.

    Let's take an earnest look at who broke the bank. This week, Ezra Klein, in The Washington Post, reported that the cost of policies that began under George W. Bush top out at more than $5 trillion -- this includes long-term and recurring spending from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, decreases in revenue like the Bush tax cuts, as well as additions to the structural deficit like the Medicare prescription drug plan. The cost of policies beginning under President Obama top out at $1.44 trillion, and these policies are largely one-off, short term, or non-recurring spending -- like the stimulus package.

    Americans are worried about whether their shot at the American dream is slipping away. We are at the point where we worry most about achieving economic stability rather than getting rich. We are in agreement the government gives the rich better breaks than anyone else in our country. The Republicans should not expect to have the poor and seniors fund their tax adventures that benefit only the extremely wealthy. It is just plain WRONG.

  • vor 10 Jahren

    Then you obviously know nothing about the Tea Party

    A CNN article that explains how the Tea Party originated out of dissatisfaction with Bush administration spending policies.

  • Anonym
    vor 10 Jahren

    Remember the Porkbusters movement during the Bush years?

    It's why we abandoned Republicans in '06 and '08. In hindsight, probably not such a good idea as it gave way to the Nancy and Harry spending circus...

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  • strata
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    vor 10 Jahren

    you need to study up little one..President titanic obama has spent more than ANY president EVER.

  • PoBoy
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    vor 10 Jahren


    When the middle class pays for everything - good.

    When the top 5% [their contributors] are asked to pay their fair share - bad.

  • vor 10 Jahren

    It's also now an anti-war party apparently.

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