Any excuses for the ECF?

Bulls fan, got love for your city and squad but you can't tell me you have anything to say this time. You had the game wrapped up wit 3mins ago and ya left LBJ & dwade beast you....

Should Rose have taken that last shot?

Any excuses for game 5?

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  • vor 10 Jahren
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    Heat dominated them in the last 3mins

  • Anonym
    vor 10 Jahren

    Bulls had no business letting them comeback with 3 minutes left,it was a total meltdown,not the refs.

  • vor 10 Jahren

    Yeah Lebron traveled at the beginning of the possession where he hit the 3 to tie the game. He lifted both feet and turned around before he dribbled the ball. Last time I checked, that traveling.

  • vor 10 Jahren

    rose was fouled on the last shot. hit in the elbow and the hand.

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  • vor 10 Jahren

    lebron traveled once in game 2 that cost them the game and their morale

  • vor 10 Jahren


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