Tongue Piercings... ?

So I want to get my tongue pierced but I have a couple of questions so if you could answer these for me please that'd be great! :)

How long SHOULD you not smoke/kiss/drink alcohol for after getting it pierced?

How long DID you not smoke/kiss/drink alcohol for after getting it pierced (if you or someone you know has)?

How much did it hurt?

How much did it swell an for how long?

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    1. Smoking not for about 2 weeks. Kiss whenever the swelling is down so about 3 days. Drink alcohol I assure you it burns but give it a few days. I drank two days after mine and it just stung a bit but wasn't too horrid.

    2. I smoked two weeks after (while i was waiting I smoked one cig. every two days to keep myself from going insane but i quit soon after). I kissed two days later and was fine. And I drank the same day i kissed like i said it's just a petty sting no worse than Listerine.

    3. The actual piercing was quick and painless. 2 on a scale of 10

    4. Swelling is different for different people but i had high swelling that subsided after 3 days so that I could talk like a normal person.

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    My piercer told me if you are a smoker to swish the mouthwash 5 times a day instead of 3. I was told you can drink immediately. No beer though because it has yeast. So, wait a week or two if you are a beer drinker. I actually drank the night I got the piercing done. On a scale of 1-10, I would honestly give it a 1. I didn't jump or flinch or anything. The piercing itself was quick and painless for me. Nor did mine bleed! Ummm... Mine started to swell about a day or two later. The swelling didn't last long. I kept up on the ibuprofen! Also, I got mine done along with boyfriend so on the kissing part, we had kissed that same night. We didn't try making out until we had the piercing a week.

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    I smoked a cig right after I got it done. My piercer just said to avoid dairy because if could cause a yeast infection in the fresh piercing. And just clean it with something like Bioten (sp?) right after you smoke or at least rinse it out with some water. And the very next day I had some alcohol, didn't sting or anything for me. My tongue was swollen to where I had a lisp for a few days but it was about a week or two before I could have a smaller bar put in. For me it didn't hurt a bit, I had freaked myself out before I got it done tho and was panicking and then I realized it didn't hurt and was like ohh, it hurt some the next morning and you can't really eat normal for a little while. I tried and that was a big mistake. I ended up taking mine out though for job purposes.

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