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You think Kobe, Wade and LeBron are great?

check out the stats on this guy. especially the 1st 4 years.

know what a triple-double is?

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    The Big O was a great basketball player, but he played in a different time. During the 60s, he was usually the best athlete on the court in a land slide and there were not 7 footers on every team. Now of days there are a lot better athletes in the NBA and a lot taller players. Both of these hurt rebounding, scoring and assists. Think of Michael Jordan. He didn't average a triple double but i know that everyone with a brain would take him over Oscar Robertson. Why? because Jordan is a better greater player and better player even if his numbers were not as great.

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    Yes Oscar Robertson is great, one of the best. Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that Kobe Wade and LeBron are still great.

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    Yeah, Oscar Robertson was a great player. Are you trying to say that no one else can be great?

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    Of course Oscar's great. Averaging a triple-double. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the NBA knows of Oscar, but thanks for putting this up :)

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