I'm having the whole "I want a baby" feeling right now, distract me please?

So yeah, I'm having the feelings of wanting a child again, and it's getting really strong again. I'm only 16 and getting pregnant now would be a really bad idea considering that I haven't finished my GCSE's yet and I want to to A levels too. But I just can't wait till I can have a family of my own. Could you give me ideas on how to like get rid of this feeling again (it comes up every so often for the past 4 years)?

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    You sound like me...I wanted a baby since I was 18.

    I ended up having my first child at age 30. Looking back, 30 was the perfect age to start parenthood. I was able to do some traveling and schooling and resume-building in my 20's and had lots of adventurous wonderful times. I'm still on an adventure, but this time as a new parent.

    Try this: make a list of goals in your life, including having a baby. What do you want your obituary to say? In addition to your future children's names, what else would you want people to know about your life? Go after those goals now (a college degree, etc.) The baby will still be a goal, but one to be acheived a little later.

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    Keep telling yourself that you need to finish school and get a good grade without any distractions. This can sometimes even mean no boyfriends! When you have finished school, there is a whole world out in front of you and you can then decide if that is right for you and your life at that stage. You can't just decide like that because after all, having children is a huge responsibility. Travel around and meet new people, go to university and then fulfill 3 life goals, without a child for example. When the time is right, you will be ready. You might be a born mother, and therefor you could be now. Don't let others stop you as in the end it is up to you, but make sure you think it through before you wake up pregnant one morning! Aha, have fun!

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    When you get this feeling just ask yourself some questions like:

    can i support a baby?

    how would i tell my parents?

    how would my parents react?

    how would i be able to finish getting an education and getting a career?

    do i want to get up every 2hours of the night?

    years go by fast..your 16 and before you know it you will be 18 or 19 and then depending on your job situation then having a baby would be a good idea. try to enjoy your teenage care free life because once you have a baby its forever...its not like holding someone elses baby and when they cry or get fussy your alble to hand it back. wait til the time is right then you will be able to enjoy it more. having one right now might sound really good but once the baby got here you would be exhausted then at that point you cant take it back.

    I hope I helped :)

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    You don't need persuading as you know you don't need a baby in your life now, Keep this page, Print it out and when in doubt look at it.

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