Teens: Is this a good idea... ?

Basically, I'm 16 (so am legal to have sex in the UK where I live) and this boy has been coming onto me over Facebook for months now, and says that if I ever want anything from him (in a sexual way) then he'd give it to me.

We have met a couple of times before.

I am a virgin but really want to have sex.

So we'd basically be sex-buddies, and it seems like it would be on my terms.

Do any of you teens have sex-buddies? Your experiences?


I wouldn't get hurt or anything if/when he got a girlfriend because I don't like him - I just want sex tbh

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  • Mia
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    Well remember Condoms Birthcontrol and will power! The most helpful things since your a teen and prevent pregnancy

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    What? No that's not a good idea! He sounds like an idiot and I wouldn't be surprised if he was making that offer to other girls too. What if you got pregnant? Protection isn't 100% effective. Or what if you got an STD from him? What would you do in those situations? And you barely know him, seeing as you've only met him a couple times. Get some brains girl, and have some respect for yourself!

  • Anonym
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    Only whores have "Sex Buddies" if hes worth losing your virginity to then go out with him for a LONG time and be in love. You will regret losing it unless its to someone you love.

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  • Anonym
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    not a good idea because that always leads to feelings and then if hes with another girl your gonna get hurt wait to have sex when your in a relationship

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  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I have friends who have offered themselves to me but I wouldn't call them sex buddies. lol

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I hope I never see the day when I'd stoop so low as to have 'sex-buddy'.

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  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Not a good idea.

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    this has bad idea written all over it.... i'm 19

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