PARENTS OF TEENS: Which music festival would you rather your teen go to?

... V festival or Reading?


If you don't live in the UK, then you might not know what I'm on about..

Background Info:

16 year old teen

Would be going with friends

The girl is a "good girl" - does well in school etc, doesn't do drugs, is still a virgin, but does drink alcohol on weekends if she's with friends.

Alot of my friends (the same age - 16) will be going to Reading, so I guess the actual festival allows 16 year olds there alone.

At V festival, you can go without parental supervision from 16 years old

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    whichevers nearest?

    idk, i dont see a lot of difference between them really. any problems your parents might have with you going are probably going to be the same wherever you are. so i guess if i was a parent i would prefer it to be the nearest one so if there was a problem i could come and get you.

    Quelle(n): went to leeds festival when i was 17 (my friends went when they were 16 but i couldn't get a ticket :() and worked/volunteered there last year! :) the campsite assistants are actually nice and security are really good, if you go to reading and have a problem go to the coloured caravans on each campsite or ask someone in a tabard, they'll find someone to help you! :)
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    Iron Acton Folk Festival

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    The V festival is sold out I think.

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    Go to V. The line up is awesome, but I suppose it depends where you live and what you're in to. I'm planning on going, but my parents only agreed because of the exact reasons you listed and it's about 30 minutes on the train from my town. Also, you'll want to get your tickets ASAP, considering they sell out mega fast and you don't know what the Reading line up is yet so there's no point waiting just for it to be rubbish and for you to wish you'd got tickets for V :)

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    see you later as he isn't any longer watching for me to tap him money for it, then it makes no distinction. i think whichever one he idea had the perfect line up. it will be as a lot as him which one he chooses.

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    i thought v was sold out hun

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