PARENTS OF TEENS: Which music festival would you rather your teen go to?

... V festival or Reading?


If you don't live in the UK, then you might not know what I'm on about..

Background Info:

16 year old teen

Would be going with friends


Alot of my friends (the same age - 16) will be going to Reading, so I guess the actual festival allows 16 year olds there alone.

At V festival, you can go without parental supervision from 16 years old.

More background info:

The girl is a "good girl" - does well in school etc, doesn't do drugs, is still a virgin, but does drink alcohol on weekends if she's with friends.

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    I don't know how music festivals are in the UK, but I cannot think of one in the US that would be appropriate for an underage teen to attend without parental supervison...or even with it. Most of them here are fun for adults, but there is always an abundance of drugs, alcohol, and lude behavior that I personally do not feel is something teenagers (who are already tempted by most of these things) should be subjected to.

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    bypass to V. the line up is exceptional, yet i think it relies upon the position you stay and what you're in to. i'm planning on going, yet my mom and father in elementary words agreed because of the precise motives you listed and this is about 0.5-hour on the prepare from my city. also, you'd be wanting to get your tickets ASAP, thinking they promote out mega quick and also you don't understand what the examining line up is yet so there's no aspect waiting only for it to be garbage and that you need to need you would were given tickets for V :)

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    As long as he's not expecting me to tap him money for it, then it makes no difference.

    I suppose whichever one he thought had the best line up. It would be up to him which one he chooses.

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